Vintage 1960’s School Photos

The following photos were taken on an old Brownie box camera for the Bradwell Life. Many of the photos I took were used in the paper, but I guess these weren’t good enough. Why I kept them all these years…I have no idea.

I started adding captions to some of the ones I thought I could identify, but my memory is just not good enough to be certain about any of them. So, if you see a photo that has someone or something you can identify, or if you’d like to just add a funny caption, email me by clicking here.

In the meantime enjoy a trip to 1967 by clicking on the photos below:

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One thought on “Vintage 1960’s School Photos

  1. Karen Charleston

    Oh my…..I remember Bradwell very distinctly. I switched to another school in 1969, just before 3rd grade. My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Samwells. If she caught you chewing gum, she would draw a circle on the chalkboard, place the gum in the center of it and make you put your nose on the gum and stand there (not sure how long… but at least a “class” worth).


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