It started with a trip a number of years ago to Chicago during which I hooked up with Lee Orlov and Rick Salomon. I had reconnected with Rick a few years earlier but I hadn’t seen Lee in perhaps 33 years. Then I received a call from Sheri Kessler about a possible reunion for the following summer. On a whim, I plugged the word “Bradwell” into Google and found a site for the class of ’66 and became inspired. So here is the beginning of what I hope can be a place for a few memories and the central planning point for future reunions. Feel free to join in by sending scanned photos, and filling us in on what you are up to. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.


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  1. Susan Leshewski Yerby

    It’s been so long since I’ve checked in to this website. I’m definitely interested in going to the reunion, even though I’m now living in Montana. Keep me updated!!!

  2. earthboy9

    Ellen and Susan,

    Hello after all these years! Ellen, I know we hung out after Bradwell, and am thrilled to know you are in touch! Susan, Glenn Yerby(though a few years older,) has been a friend of mine since you and I were schoolmates; he lived on Escanaba, had a younger brother Marc, who passed away some years ago… Is these Yerby’s you are married to?

  3. Daniel Nolton

    Susan Leshewski Yerby,

    It was a pleasure visiting with you and your husband at the reunion! Might you email me the photo of the “Solarians” playing in Mr. Reece’s class that you took?

  4. Linda Ross

    Hello! I just tripped over this site in seeking history on South Shore. I graduated Bradwell in 1969, my sister Diane about 1962/3. I recently moved back to South Shore Drive and the Chicago Architecture Foundation is starting Docent Tours. I am involved and would love anyone who would like to contribute memories for my tours from the Country Club down to the new development (Lakeside) at 79th Street is welcome to email me at: linda-joanne@att.net. I used to babysit for Mr. Reese’s first born!! Thanks for having this site and I hope to hear from you!!

  5. Rich Gardner

    I went to Bradwell between 1967 and 1972 before transferring to Sullivan in 1973. I remember we used to see the school song during assemblies.

    Would any of your class members remember the lyrics to this song.

    I seem to remember. Myra Bradwell seeking knowledge Ever to be? Hold you banner high.

    Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.


    1. Elizabeth McNeely (Martin)

      “Myra Bradwell students are we, seeking knowledge ever will be, our lives will improve we shall try, to hold our banner high.” Maybe not the exact words. I often didn’t know exact words to songs but I would mumble along. It was just like yesterday that I sang this song. Attended Bradwell 1965-1969. Maybe the right words will come back to me–I hope!

  6. Markeise Manghram

    “Myra Bradwell students are we, seeking knowledge ever will be, our lives will improve we shall try, to hold our banner high. Bradwell is the best of all Chicago schools with expert teaching skills and _ _ _ _our colors black and gold inspires us to _ _ _ _ Dear Bradwel school dear bradwell school.

    I don’t know the blanks


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