A Visit to the South Side – 35 years later

As part of the 2002 Reunion, a group of Class of ’67 grads went down to Bradwell to visit the old school, and to tour the old neighborhood Here are a bunch of photos of that visit, submitted by various classmates. Click here to get started..

Click on a photo to start the slide show…

2 thoughts on “A Visit to the South Side – 35 years later

  1. earthboy9

    Just finished viewing the pictures from “A Visit…” I’d seen the one taken with everyone on the corner stairs, but not sure I’d seen all the others until now. Thanks for taking and posting them, how great is this to be able to see our classmates and school, even if it was from 10 years ago!

  2. Mark Collins

    Excellent Pictures. i attended Myra Bradwell 1962 till 1969.
    My name is Mark Collins, we lived 3 blocks away on Saginaw.
    Living in California now.
    Mark Collins


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