3 thoughts on “Mod Night at Ravinia

  1. Dan Nolton

    I sure do remember those bands, even have a Lemon Pipers Greatest Hits. Reading those bios and seeing all those ads that related to me in a very personal way was a trip!

  2. earthboy9

    Thanks for the way cool Ravinia stuff! Too bad I missed it, but I sure do remember those bands, and have a copy of the Lemon Pipers Greatest Hits…. I also enjoyed reading the bios, and seeing those ads which all had a very personal connection with me, being Guitar Boy and all….! Got my first electric at Sid Sherman’s.

  3. earthboy9

    I swear, I didn’t think the first comment posted!

    Remembered today I got my first guitar, an acoustic, at Sid Sherman’s too. My Grandfather, who was a voiln repairman at Lyon & Healy’s across the street suggested I try Sid’s. Also visited Franks’s Drum Shop several times, also located in the “Pakula Building.”

    Visited the Guitar Gallery at least once, though when asked if I had any money by the salesman, I didn’t get to try out any guitars! I was pretty young at the time….


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